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Leave emergency dental care to the experts in oral anatomy and function: the team at Smiles4Life Dental in Visalia, California. Led by Dr. Mehwish Rashid, our office’s dedication to our patients’ health, comfort, safety, and well-being transcends “regular business hours.” We understand that the worst problems, injuries, and accidents tend to arise at the most inconvenient of times.

When you are in pain due to a toothache or when your children have hurt their teeth while playing sports, call us any time of day or night! We strive to get you or your loved ones out of pain quickly and properly. By that, there are other urgent care or emergency “generalist” providers. However, they are not in the business of dentistry. In turn, they are not the best-equipped medical professionals to treat your emergency in a way that is in the long-term interests of your smile aesthetics, oral health, and quality of life.

Furthermore, the relationships we forge with patients support the sustained health of your mouth. Many of the chronic conditions that lead to urgent calls in the middle of the night can be prevented with routine visits to our office.

For instance, tooth decay and even impacted wisdom teeth are associated with progressive and destructive processes. There are many opportunities for us to monitor and evaluate the state of your teeth, gums, and the development of your jaws and mouth. During these exams, Dr. Rashid can identify and act quickly on problems. Impaired development of wisdom teeth and early-stage decay may be addressed before they cause intense and persistent pain and other symptoms that keep you up at night.

Even some of those conditions that are considered to be “acute” in nature, such as sports-related dental injuries, can be managed with services like custom mouthguards. Our mouthguards are designed to perfectly fit you or your child’s mouth for utmost comfort. A precision fit ensures that the mouthguard can protect the teeth and surrounding tissues as designed. Also, at Smiles4Life Dental, we use only the finest materials. So, the mouthguard is designed to last and last and won’t break or wear down like store-bought “boil and bite” guards.

Oral conditions don’t resolve for good as spontaneously as they may arise. They require prompt, professional treatment. Call without delay at (559) 678-9114. Our office is available to provide guidance on pain relief and how to care for your mouth until we can see you. We also accommodate urgent requests quickly, knowing that moments can matter when it comes to saving teeth and avoiding the trauma and expense of tooth removal and restorative treatments.


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