Aging is not a disease. At Smiles4Life Dental, we strive to live up to our name by providing care that maintains or restores the health, function, and aesthetics of each patient’s smile – well into their “golden years,” regardless of their chronological age!

In many cases, Dr. Mehwish Rashid and our team in Visalia, California, can prevent tooth loss and the need for teeth replacement solutions, such as dentures. Should a tooth not be “treatable,” we can also explore an array of exceptional options to fill in gaps and complete smiles marred by decay, disease, and other trauma. 


Many of the complaints commonly foisted on “traditional” removable dentures have to do with a poor fit. Ill-fitting dentures naturally slide around in the mouth. This can cause patients to experience discomfort and pain as the loose denture rubs up against the inside of the mouth. Poorly-fitted dentures cause sores and irritation, which can further make eating painful. These patients may also avoid eating as much as they need to (for good nutrition). They may abstain from their favorite chewy or sticky foods because they are such a chore to consume.

Smiles4Life Dental emphasizes a thorough examination and consultation to ensure that the type of denture is the absolute best for each unique individual we partner with and value. We also focus on precise planning on the front end. This planning helps to ensure the denture looks like “real teeth” (and gum tissue, as needed for complete dentures). Precision treatment planning also informs the creation of dentures that feel natural in the mouth and function well for the long haul. All of these characteristics add up to excellent patient satisfaction, and they all flow from a good fit. 

Furthermore, no partnership would be complete without ongoing follow-ups and visits to our office in the heart of Visalia, California. We help our patients to adjust to life with their new dentures. We also check that they are in “good working order.” Repairs, relining, or rebasing may be necessary to ensure that the denture conforms to tissues that can shrink and change over time. Depending on your needs, we may recommend the following: 

When exploring and recommending dentures options, we take all of your concerns and the characteristics that make up your one-of-a-kind “self” to heart. Call (559) 678-9114 to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Rashid at the Smiles4Life Dental office in Visalia, CA.


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